"A" Litter

Whelp date: December 11 2020
10 males/3 females

Ariana von der Fleur de Lis: “ROYAL"


Androscoggin von der Nezinscot: “Jäger”


Gew 17.11.2018, D1, VJP 68, HZP 191, HN, VGP 2 296, Formwert V, 63cm "A very bold, muscular but still feminine female"-Specialzuchtricher, HD-A2


Gew 16.04.2018, D1, S1, BTR, VGP 1 312 (4H in Blood Tracking), HN, HD-A2, FW: V

Puppy Results

Absolut vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Adler'

Derby Prz1 VJP 72pts HZP 182pts
HD A2 HD/OCD frei 70cm Zuchtschau G rating datum 23.4.22

Aktiv vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Ace'

VJP 75pts Derby Prz1 4H use of nose Solms Prz1 HZP 180pts & High Oberlander BTR VGP Prz2 307pts

"This is the third time he has run into a coyote. Always up at the north end of the farm. This one pissed him off enough that he ended it. I'm not big on the sharpness. But I do understand that it is a requirement for DK males. He suffered some pretty good cuts to his right ear, but luckily that is all that I found. Hopefully it will heal up shortly. I should have turned around when I was up there. I could tell by his body language, that he was scenting something ( and it wasn't birds ). It's breeding season for coyotes here. I wonder if that is why this one didn't run off? Ace is not a DK that goes out looking for trouble. I'm going to start carrying a gun when I go up to North end.

Just wanted you to know that your line is not afraid to take on a predator. But as the same time, he is a very affectionate loving DK and has never shown aggression to another dog.

I know you appreciate info on behavior. Just keeping you up to date. One more note, Ace has been very easy to train. Not too stubborn and likes the actual training. He is quiet in the crate during training days and responds well to different task we give him. We will be training for the VGP this fall."


Alpine vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Duke'

Derby Prz2 NAVHDA NA Prz1 112pts Zuchtschau SG 67cm HD B1 HD frei OCD frei AZPPrz1 4H in search NAVHDA UT Prz1 193pts V Zuchtschau BTR pass

Albern vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Archie'

Derby Prz1 VJP 70 BTR Zuchtschau SG 68cm HD A2 HD frei OCD frei V Zuchtschau

Allagash vom Einzelgänger

VJP 77pts Derby Prz 1 SOLM Prz3 Zuchtschau G Alter Klass BTR pass

Apfel vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Nova'

NAVHDA NA 112pts Prz1 Derby Prz1 4H Nose & 4H Pointing Solms Prz1 4H search behind duck Zuchtschau V rating Alter Klass 63cm

Alibai vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Logan'

NAVHDA NA Prz1 112pts

Amsel vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Lilo'

Derby Prz 1 VJP 68Pts

Abend vom Einzelgänger AKA 'Sonny'

Serves daily as an assistance dog to his human. Sonny's temperament represents the stability and versatility we strive to produce. Thank you for your service Sonny 🙏