What I am expecting from this combination is high intense water searches and drive for waterfowl, stylish pointing abilities with willingness to work for their hunter afield, and beyond calm off switch for home living. Both dogs exhibit very natural calm retrieves and knowing the difference between predators and small pets all the while with innate senses of young kids and family. The perfect combination of strong genetics, matched with sound physical and mental health. 

Duxi vom Cedar Valley: "Bava"


Gentleman vom Baden: "Jack"

Duxi vom Cedar Valley ZB Nr 1035/20
VJP 72 pts, HZP 196pts 11 Duck Search, VGP2 (308pts), VGP3 (305pts), 4H Use of Nose, BTR, HN, BH
HD A1 HD & OCD frei OFA excellent hips OFA normal, negative for elbow dysplasia
Fw: SG, 65cm

Dam: Ava von Kleinen Fluss 0092/17
Sire: Payton von Kings Crossing 0098/14

Duxi, aka ‘Bava’ is a feminine type with still robust correct structure. Always very high desires to cover water to thoroughly search for waterfowl earning an 11 Duck Search. Afield upland hunting her search dynamic to cover ground with purpose and stamina in all types of weather from hot South Carolina Quail to PA winter duck hunting, timber hunts in off season pulling raccoons from trees. Stylish pointing abilities alongside her keen Use of Nose earning her a 4H matched with high performance natural abilities to retrieve all game gives her exceptional traits to contribute. 

Beyond Bava’s excellent hunting abilities, she’s an exemplified example for the DK with her character to being neutral with conflicted cases exhibited in many environments doing obedience demos with my pet training business with larch and small breeds. 

Bava’s strong genetics are proven throughout her lineage starting with Kings Crossing, several notable KS vom Pottsiepen dogs, with 2x Quent vom Wittekind and KS Rocky vom Neuarenberg on both sides her genotyping is true.


Gentleman vom Baden ZB nr. 0261/18
D1, S1, VGP2 (388 points), VBR, HN
Fw: V1, 64 cm

Dam: Arrabiata KS von Baden, 1062/13
Sire: Yogurt vom Massenbach, 0968/1

Gentleman, aka ‘Jack’ is a powerful, medium-sized male with a lot of nobility, a strong old style German head, and a very good forechest. The form value V1 has been awarded to him twice. 

Gentleman shows impressive performances in the field, he shows long-range searches with great confidence with his nose leading the way. Gentleman has strong pointing instincts, often if you can’t find him, he is somewhere pointing something. He has proven his enormous passion for water and excellent qualities as a retriever on numerous duck hunts. Many times, upland hunting before the duck season we have to steer clear of the ponds because he will be doing a duck search. Jack has a superb temperament with people and other dogs. Everyone that meets Jack all comment on this temperament. The exact words they say, “Is he always this calm?”.

He lives in our home as a full-time working dog and family member. He comes from proven bloodlines: through his grandfather Tobias KS vom Hege-Haus and Oliver KS Pottmes, he combines the best of Hege-Haus and Pottmes wiht the best of Theelshof and Rothennuffein. His mother, Arrabiata KS von Baden and his grandmother Blaulicht KS Contiomagus are tired and tested dogs of high form and enormous performance.