Ariana von der Fleur de Lis “ROYAL''

Gew 17.11.2018, D1, VJP 68, HZP 191, HN, VGP 2 296,Formwert V, 63cm "A very bold, muscular but still feminine female"-Specialzuchtricher, HD-A2

Royal carries herself as which she is named. She's been noticed since a young developing pup from her VJP to her HZP the same year only 6mo apart(remarked highly from Drahthaar judges)to pay attention to. She's continuously proven herself a sharp predator when needed against game, yet obtains the correct nerves and the gentle characteristics for young children or small domestic pets.

The definition of balance, rigorously working excellent nose, she excels with recovering game and her natural abilities leave no errors in her fast natural deliveries. She thoroughly and always enjoys the challenging training day in and day out, never faulting with her desires to please her person once more. Tracking deer back home in Bucks County, PA to hitting wild coveys of Grouse in Maine, Royal's drive to be successful despite unfavorable natural conditions always amaze her onlookers and especially her handler, owner trainer.

Aragon von der Fleur de Lis “SAVAGE"

Gew 17.11.2018, D1, VJP 67, HZP 180, BTR, HN, FW: V, HD-A2

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