History of the Deutsch Kurzhaar

According to North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club (NADKC), midway through the 19th century, hunting in Germany, and in Europe overall, ceased to be the exclusive province of the wealthy landowner. As a result, a need arose for a true versatile utility hunting dog, a jack-of-all-trades, that could perform many tasks for the average hunter. 

A breed was desired that would take the place of kennels full of ‘specialist’ breeds, such as hounds, retrievers, and pointers. To this end, German hunters tried for years to develop a single versatile breed that would find and point upland game and small furred game, retrieve all shot game from both land and water, and function perfectly as a tracker of wounded big game in the forest. These needs sparked the development of the Deutsch Kurzhaar.

The Deutsch Kurzhaar Today

Inteligent, calm, and affectionate the Deutsch Kurzhaar is happiest, and meant to be living in and around their master’s home. As a member of the NADKC, Vom Einzelgänger owner and breeder, Sondra Rolison’s enthusiasm for the Deutsch Kurzhaar breed means Vom Einzelgänger litters possess those desirable and inherited natural abilities, cooperation, and trainability of water love, tracking, and finding and pointing game at a range suitable for foot hunters.